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Welcome to the online home of Nina Angela Lee. We are delighted you are here! We understand that life can be challenging and we are here to support you. Whether you are suffering from loss, facing difficult life situations, seeking to cultivate resilience, or looking for an engaging speaker, we offer services that can help. Nina provides clients and audiences with valuable tools and insights to overcome obstacles and live a more joy-filled life. We encourage you to explore our resources and services and take the first step toward personal growth and healing today!


Kelly K. Walker

Speaker Trainer

I hired Nina to be the Keynote Speaker at my three-day conference called "Changing Lives From The Stage." She was fantastic! My attendees told me that she really inspired them, and they were so grateful to hear her speak. 

She did such a great job speaking on resilience that I have booked her to speak at my women's retreat this spring!

Heidi T.jpg

Heidi Totten

Executive Director

100 Humanitarians

When Nina came with us to Kenya and sang for the girls at the schools and rescue center, I knew that I wanted her to share her story for our annual worldwide event, Humanijam.

Nina has a way of connecting to the audience in a gentle and healing way through her words and music. I remember well the reaction of the Maasai Warriors when they said, "She has the voice of an angel!"

What People Are Saying...


Judee Guay 

Founder & Director

WoW Utah, Women of Worth

Nina was first asked to speak at our WoW Factor "Worthshop" in 2019. Her poignant story of her journey in life touched the entire room.  And then she sang!!!  Her voice is of an angel!

Nina also wrote the theme song for WoW Utah called, “Breaking Free; Becoming My Best Me.” This incredible song encompasses the true journey of our women of worth.

Nina is an inspiring speaker and singer. We are so blessed and grateful she is now a permanent part of WoW Utah, sharing all her incredible gifts with us and our women of worth!

London Temple Center Pres Lock.jpg

President Martin Ray Lock

London England Temple Visitor Center

Wow!  That was great!  Fantastic lyrics and with so much passion. I think that’s what I felt this evening. Your choice of words were sensational. I believe there was a message for all of us here this evening.  Thank you for sharing this hour with us this evening.  You have enriched our lives immensely!


Kay Asay

Founder & Director

Utah Children's Choir

When I first heard Nina's lyrics to "More Alike Than Different," I knew I wanted my choir to learn them.  As I introduced the song to my students, we had the opportunity to have an open discussion about bullying and how we should treat ALL people with dignity and respect.  The children embraced this song's beautiful message and loved singing it! 
Thank you for sharing your heart through your music, Nina!

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