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About Nina...

Nina Angela Lee is a Grief Recovery Specialist, international speaker, singer-songwriter, and published author. Her newest book, "21 Ways to Support Those Who Are Grieving," was recently released.

Since finding peace following the devastating losses of her mother when she was 12 and her son after a 17-year illness, it became Nina's passion to help others find hope and healing. 


Apart from her work in grief recovery, Nina has also spent several years being a voice for abused and neglected children as a Guardian ad Litem for the State of Florida. She is the President of Women of Worth (WOW Utah), a nonprofit mentoring program that empowers women to rebuild their lives after surviving traumatic life events. 


Music has been another significant passion for Nina throughout her life. She has two released albums, "I Think You're Brave" and "You Got This!" She refers to her songs as "musical hugs," providing comfort and encouragement to her listeners.

Nina is a wife, mother, grandma, and enjoys public speaking, writing and performing music, travel, nature, and snuggling with her fur babies.


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