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Nina is a gifted singer-songwriter who authentically expresses her emotions and experiences through her music. Her honesty and vulnerability resonate with listeners, allowing them to connect personally. Nina's compositions create moments of catharsis, inspiration, and reflection, providing comfort and guidance. With her captivating voice and heartfelt songwriting, Nina leaves a lasting impact and connects deeply with her audience.

“I can tell you are a survivor and know just what someone needs to hear to be uplifted in this tossed and torn life we are navigating. Thank you for sharing your gift and lifting others."  Laurie

“Every once in a while, if we are blessed, we hear a song that touches us in the deepest places of our hearts.  But to have a whole album that addresses the pain, fear, and loneliness that accompanies the challenges we face is indeed rare and a treasure. Listening to this album gives me the courage to take one more step.  

Thank you for sharing your time, your talent, and your heart with us, Nina!"  Karrie

“I just got done listening to your CD and it was a wonderful experience!  Angela is a nice middle name since you sing like an angel.  I think your CD would brighten anyone's day!"  Cherie

"I have been listening to your songs, and I love them!  This CD is definitely going to be my go-to, feel good, motivation boost!  Thank you!"  Natalie

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