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Welcome to Project BRAVE!


     Have you ever received an unexpected note with words of encouragement that warmed your heart, or a call from a friend just when you needed it the most? I have, and I am a firm believer that seemingly small things can make a big difference.


     My son had recently returned home from yet another lengthy hospital stay, when he told me he was tired of the fight.  I told him that I was proud of him for being so brave.  He said, "Me... brave?" He began to smile and I watched as his countenance changed. That night, through tears, I wrote the song, “I Think You're Brave.”  This experience led to the birth of Project BRAVE. I truly believe that if hearing these simple words could lift my son’s spirits, that it could help others as well.  It is my hope that those fighting a battle of any kind, will feel strengthened as they hear this song.


     When you listen to “I Think You’re Brave” and a friend or family member comes to mind, please share this song with them and the reason you think they are brave.  You will give them a musical hug and make their day! Then, share your story with #IThinkYoureBRAVE.  By sharing your journey you will help encourage and inspire others.


     You can download the song for free or contact me to order a CD.


     Join the movement to celebrate our courageous friends and let’s work together to build a network of love, support, and hope!


Thank you!



To get your FREE download of "I Think You're Brave" for yourself or to share with a friend, simply fill out the form below.


"Some friends of ours lost a son and granddaughter in an accident caused by a drunk driver and left their daughter-in-law in a coma for weeks. I really admire this family for having the faith in our Heavenly Father and having the courage to forgive the one that caused the accident. We all have struggles, but if we keep our faith, we can endure.  I will definitely be sharing "I Think You're Brave"  with them!"     Judy



"Sometimes you just need to hear it. We all have struggles in life, some more apparent and visible than others. When someone, who loves me, shared this song... It was the first time I thought, maybe, I am brave.  When you’re going through difficult times, you don't think about who you might be inspiring or helping to see all the blessings that they have, because you are just trying to survive. You just want to make it to the next day. And sometimes, it gets harder before it gets better. But, no matter how many times I fall, I know I have made it this far…and I AM BRAVE.  Thank you for this song!"       Brandon

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